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Kenalan dengan Frase Verb Take

Frase verb dengan menggunakan take sering digunakan dalam ekspresi  idiom pada bahasa Inggris. Apa saja itu?
·         Take over somebody : untuk melihat atau berkelakuan seperti orang lain
My niece really takes after her mother, my aunt.
·         Take off : pesawat udara mengudara
Contoh :
The plane took off on time
·         Take off : mulai menjadi sukses
Contoh :
The artist’s career took off when she got the leading role in the movie “Something stupid”
·         Take somebody for something : mempertimbangkan untuk melihat sebagai
Contoh :
Not wanting to be taken for a stupid newcomer, Benno quickly learned to adopt
·         Take somebody in :
a.       Menipu orang
Contoh :
The innocent woman is always taken in by pitiless salesmen
b.      Membiarkan seseorang tinggal di rumahmu
Contoh :
She likes to take in stray cats and dogs
·         Take somebody off : meniru orang
Contoh :
He was taking off the boss when man himself appeared at the door
·         Take somebody on : merekrut seseorang
Contoh :
Hey, this ad says they’re taking on more employees. Let’s apply
·         Take something apart :
a.       mencari tempat sepenuhnya
Contoh :
The police took the place apart looking for the murderer on the run
b.      sesuatu yang terpisah menjadi beberapa bagian yang berbeda
Contoh :
may 9 year old nephew like to take things apart to see how they work
·         Take something back : mengakui bahwa Anda telah salah berucap
Contoh :
Ooops! I should take back that nasty remark
·         Take something down : menulis dengan cepat
Contoh :
You should take down the main points of the discussion
·         Take something in : mengerti, menyerap sesuatu yang baru
Contoh :
I’m trying to take in the essence of the this lengthy quotation, but I’m still clueless
·         Take something on : responsive terhadap sesuatu
Contoh :
She has taken on not only teaching underprivileged children but also caring for disabled person
·         Take something over : mengambil control atas sesuatu
Contoh :
We don’t know if the boss’s son is the right person to take over the company
·         Take something up :
a.       Menerima ide atau sugesti
Contoh :
Not everyone is eager to take up this invitation to the opening pf the new funeral house
b.      Tertarik pada aktifitas baru
Contoh :
Now that he is retired, Mr. Smith has more time to take up new interest
c.       Melanjutkan sesuatu
Contoh :
Okay kids, let me take up the story where I left off yesterday
·         Take to somebody/something :
a.       Mulai untuk menyukai seseorang/sesuatu
Contoh :
As soon as Andy saw the cute little dog, he took to it and wanted to adopt it
b.      Mengembangkan sesuatu sebagai kebiasaan
Contoh :
My brother has taken to jogging in the park every morning

Sekarang, jawablah dengan Take dengan benar
·         Don’t …… by the smooth talking street vendor. He’s trying to sell second  hand stuff for new
·         I’m so mad at my new boss. What …..? an idiot?
·         Danny, would you please …… my class for a few minutes? I need to make a phone call.

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